Generate thousands in online income from supplements and health programs NOW!
Make money online and enhance patient care with a Done-For-YOu Virtual Health Program

Do you feel like you are missing out on a huge income source by not offering something 
online but not sure where to start?

Have your current Patients build your tribe and a consistent stream of qualified online and in-house New Patient referrals every month!

Stop the guesswork, Be ready to make income next week. Let the experts do it for you!

Expand your reach, engage your  patient-base, and book new clients... the easy way
What if you could have affordable social media and online marketing?
Be seen as an
expert online!
Expand your reach, engage your  patient-base,
and book new clients
... the easy way
Expand your reach, engage your  patient-base, and book new clients... the easy way
Turn Key Solutions ready for you!
Imagine if it could look like this:
An existing patient wants to improve their overall health, lose weight or detox & Cleanse and you can help

An existing patient who does not go to your clinic regularly for care can still buy from you through your app!
A lead generation tool for new patients that also generates revenue independently of your existing services
Adding on an additional service to your practice without high costs to build, implement and train anyone

A professional program complete with meal plan, food lists, recipes, exercises, and more ( at no cost to you)

A way to continue to add immense value to your community by integrating more nutrition & lifestyle
People are online looking for more help with their health and buying supplements, they should be getting it all from you, without adding to your workload!
 What is this all about?
We set you up with a completely automated online program for your clinic
(We do all the work and hand you over a fully done program your patients will love!)
How does it work...what's included?
  • ​You choose the program you want: FREE 30 Day Weight Loss, FREE 14 Day Cleanse or FREE Healthy Immune Support Program. We also include a FREE ebook for your patients!
  • ​We do all the tech. We build your landing page that customers can be sent to, automate the whole program, set up your nurture emails and hand it all over to own the complete funnel.
  • ​You and your patients will get free access to an app that will deliver the complete program to your patients for free with tracking info for you on how they are progressing. The app set up also includes specific meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, exercises, stretches, postural tips, motivation, accountability and daily check-ins.
  • ​The program you choose will include recommendations for supplements supplied by a TOP quality, well respected professional supplement line
  • You make 50% of supplement sales if your patient/client decides to buy. 
  • ​Supplements are drop shipped to your patient/client, you don’t carry stock or manage shipping.
  • We provide a complete marketing package to launch this to your patients and to promote to new patients.
Who We Are
A passionate duo focused on helping practitioners grow, thrive and scale their businesses using technology and trends.

Brandy Kinnear— is a digital marketing strategist and practice growth consultant and founder of Your Ideal Patients, with 14 years of experience in the natural health industry working with practitioners and brands to make a larger impact and more profit using leading-edge tools, trends and marketing that works.

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp— is a practicing chiropractor with 24 years of experience running a successful 7 figure clinic as well as online programs. She has been using supplements and health programs into her practice for over 15 years and has had a steady income stream from them monthly through her automated process. 

Both of us are excited about what new opportunities there are to support and advance practices and how we can easily and efficiently help you take advantage of them for your business.
“A little step may be the beginning of a great journey”

  • Doctors that want a high converting lead generation tool that can attract new clients while still generating revenue online without even seeing you.
  • Doctors that are ready to enhance their available services but don’t have the time.
  • Doctors that want to deliver more value to their existing patients while enhancing revenue.
  • ​Doctors that want a complete done-for-you set up that you own outright.
  • Doctors that know the value of the nutritional component of a healthy lifestyle with functional nutritionist-designed meal programs, shopping lists and recipes but don’t know where to start and how to implement them.
  • ​Doctors that want to generate online revenue with high value products without having to carry stock.
  • ​Doctors that have been looking for a tool to help patients stay engaged in a program that doesn't take a ton of time.
Get started today!
ONE TImE set up fee 

PLUS: Bonus Content Bundle for FREE when you sign up TODAY
 (value of $497)


    • 6 Powerpoint Presentations on various Natural Health Topics you can use to run webinars!
    • One Year of Blog Articles (12 professionally copy written articles that you can use on your blog & send via email) 
    • ​Graphics and Videos to Promote Each Article
    • ​70 Chiropractic Posts for Social Media
    VALUE OF $497 (included)

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Do I need to be tech-savvy?
    No, we will set everything up and provide you with a video that explains exactly how everything works—we keep it simple.
    Does my team have to be involved to set this up?
    Nope, we build it all out and deliver it to you. We even help you set up your account with the supplement company and we will set up everything inside your app and we build your landing/web page for you. 
    How long does it take to set it up?
    We set this all up for you in 7-10 working days.
    How much nutritional knowledge do I need?
    None, you can introduce this as a program created by top nutritionists that you are excited about as it includes everything clients need to be successful.
    What will my clients’ experience be like?
    A super simple app they download that gives them daily notifications. Supplements they order will be shipped in 3 to 5 days. Simple, easy to use and includes accountability and tons of resources for them, they will love it!
    How do I get people to know about this new program once it’s set up? 
    We provide you with social media graphics, email copy and a professional marketing video you can use to launch it across your marketing channels.
    How much knowledge about supplements do I need?
    None, supplements recommended are part of the program and are recommended to enhance patient results. Complete fact sheets are all available for patients. If you really want to enhance your learning you will have a dedicated sales representative from the supplement company that can help you.
    How much involvement do I need once it’s all set up?
    From none to 5-10 minutes a day. Up to you. It works whether you are involved or not. A daily easy quick check-in to see if they are tracking their daily food, supplements, exercises etc…but you don’t have to as the app has integrated notifications reminders for them. You could also delegate this part to one of your team members.  
    Do I need an account with the supplement company?
    Yes, you will set this up. We will provide you with a link to get started. No minimums, lots of great products but remember the supplements recommended for the program will already be pre-programmed into the app for the program you choose.  
    How do I get paid?
    The supplement company will be depositing the money directly into your bank account.
    How much money can I make?
    You make 50% of the profit from every supplement you sell. The more people you get into your free program, the more money you will make!
    Is this a permanent program I can always use?
    Yes, you can add this to your website, add it as a link on your Facebook, Instagram, include in newsletters etc...
    Do people have to pay to join the program?
    Nope, the programs are all free (you make money when they buy the supplements suggested for the program and most people do).
    Can I have more than one of the programs created for me?
    Yes, we offer a discount when you purchase 2 or 3 programs.
    What's included
    A compete program set up, landing page, email sequence, marketing launch package! Everything you need to get this making you money!

    Where does the landing page for the virtual health program go?
    You have two options, one is you can  sign up for an account with clickfunnels for $37/mo to have your funnel hosted there and have complete control over it, or we can host it for you at no additional charge.
    What's in the Bonus Marketing Bundle?
    The bonus content bundle has 12 articles you can use for your blogs (and send out via email to your clients)
    It also contains 6 powerpoint presentations you can use to educate your patients.
    Plus Graphics and videos you can use for Social media! 
    How do I launch this program?
    We provide you with a complete launch package so you can easily get new and existing clients excited about your new program!

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